Cactus extract cosmetic and nourishing mask

This plant mask can make rough and dull skin rich in water and soft, contain plant essence, nourish the skin, soften and moisturizes. Improving the damage to the skin from outside, whitening and moisturizing.

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Product introduce:

Cactus extract cosmetic and nourishing mask is a natural cactus extract nourishing skin mask.It can slow down the aging of your skin and make your skin become moist and shiny.Summer is here, we should pay more attention to skin care.Whiten beautiful skin will give you more confidence.Get more people to pay attention to you.

Product parameter

Product Name

Cactus extract cosmetic and nourishing mask


Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Red wine, Vitamin C,Herbal


The product has the function of brightening and whitening the skin, besides, it also has the function of anti-wrinkle and slowing down the aging of the skin

Place of OriginSichuan,China
CertificationGMP, MSDS, ce, FDA, Sgs, ISO
Mask FormSheet
Private LabelAvailabel
AdvantageAccept Small Orders





Shelf life

3 Years

Applicable to

The surface is shiny and the bottom of the skin is dry.

Excessive and rough skin.

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Product feature:


● NATURAL: We believe in the power of nature and choose the Queen of Keeping Water in the Desert - Cactus as raw material to replenish water efficiently and brighten skin color.

● MOISTURIZING: Add the Sodium hyaluronate ingredient, three steps to lock water. Replenish water, infiltration, lock water.

● WHITENING: This mask contains natural cactus whitening factor, hyaluronic acid, a variety of vitamins, and so on. It can completely and evenly whiten skin color, inhibit the melanin in the underlying skin, significantly weaken spots and prevent the formation of melanin, and bring unprecedented energy and nutrition to the skin.


How to use:

Step 1:After cleaning, take the mask and apply to your face.

Step 2:Using your fingers to gently press the mask against your face.

Step 3:Take facial mask off after 15-20 minutes.

Step 4:Gently tap the face to absorb the essence or clean face with water.

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